December in Paris

In December, I went to stay with my French friend, Philippine, in Paris. Philippine knows Paris well so we could find beautiful quiet spots in the midst of the city and it was lovely to relax together after our first term at uni! Although my French was questionable, I loved walking around the city and eating the delicious food and I can’t wait to return!

Living in London

A few months ago, I moved to London for university. At first, I was apprehensive, I’m notoriously good at getting hopelessly lost and I like peace and quiet, but somehow London just feels right. I am completely in love with the fact that I can walk in any direction and find something interesting, weird, something I never knew existed! After living in a small town my whole life, London is refreshingly vast and varied and it’s great to have so many incredible places around me.

I decided to document London and the places I find and carry a disposable camera with me whenever I go out. I really enjoyed the whole process, and there’s nothing like opening up the envelope and looking at your prints for the first time!





But what am I?

Since September, I’ve been on an Art and Design Foundation course designed to encourage experimentation and allow you to ‘diagnose’ yourself, or decide which area of art to pursue (if any at all.)

When I started the course, I remember wanting to know what exactly I was. I talked to my course leader about this insecurity and he asked me why I would want to be one thing. I was envious of those who knew, without a doubt that fashion or illustration or whatever was definitely them, that they fitted perfectly into that medium. I knew I liked lots of things but I didn’t feel particularly good at any of them, if anything, my ideas were the medium I was most comfortable with.

Throughout the year, I tried loads of new media and found that I enjoyed nearly all of them, that while the people who had defined themselves sometimes struggled stepping out of their box, I could enjoy everything in my own struggle to find what I was good at. I loved experimenting and feeling free to explore anything, if something went wrong, it could be a good thing and my favourite work was usually accidental.

I still don’t know exactly what I am, but I think that the past year has taught me that I don’t have to know. I’m still most comfortable thinking and I know that my ideas are my strong point but that’s fine. I don’t have a clue what I’ll do in the future but I’d like to keep this feeling, the not knowing and wandering around other people’s mediums…I like it.